What is a reconditioned turbo?


Having been in the industry for more than 35 years, we believe that there is still a misunderstanding of the term reconditioned turbocharger which leads to doubts in the quality of reconditioned units. 
A reconditioned turbo or also known as remanufactured turbo is where the turbocharger is stripped to each component such as compressor housings, compressor wheel, turbine housing, turbine shaft, bearing housing, heat shield and seal plate and variable nozzle mechanism. These parts are inspected against original equipment specifications for correct dimensional tolerances. Once the technical problem is identified after inspection, it will be fixed and the worn and damage parts will be replaced. In every case, the bearings and seals are always replaced – this is a routine procedure for each type of service we provide as they are general wear and tear items.
Our turbos are balanced on the own in-house designed and patented VSR machines which are used worldwide.

Do reconditioned turbos have warranty?

The reconditioned units have 24 months warranty so even if something went wrong you can send the turbo back to us and we will repair, recondition or exchange it. We will do everything possible to get your car back on the road quickly.

How much does a reconditioned turbo cost?

The price entirely depends on the condition and the type of the turbocharger. Usually getting your turbo back to life costs in average between £299 to £450. However, we cannot provide a price for the service before we inspect the unit at our factory. You can send the unit to us for free using our collection form.
On the other hand, if we conclude after the unit inspection that the damage is minor, we would recommend to repair the turbo instead of reconditioning it which will save some of the cost and it won’t impact performance. Of course, this is only when most of the components are reusable.

What happens if turbo is not working?

Recognisable signs of turbo failure are loud whining noise, excessive exhaust smoke, slow acceleration, check engine light, burning large amounts of oil. If you experience any of these but are still not sure you have a problem with the turbocharger, please get in contact with our technical team for advice.
The turbocharger malfunction is mainly caused by some of the following: lack of lubricating oil, oil break down, dirt in the lubricating system, foreign object damage to turbine. Other reasons could be carbon deposits, boost control fault or VNT mechanism seizure.

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