Turbo Technics proudly presenting its corporate video
Turbo Technics new video

Turbo Technics proudly presenting its corporate video

Turbo Technics is excited to announce the release of their new video. The short, three-minute video was shot across Turbo Technics HQ building in Northampton, UK and is intended to give a better understanding into TT’s business and familiarise existing and potential customers with different areas of the business. It features a walkthrough of the machine shop, interviews with some of the key management and engineering personnel and exciting performance turbocharger footage.  It is filmed in High Definition widescreen and is of cinematic quality.

The General Manager of Turbo Technics, Stephen Hynes, commented, “the main aim of our video is to communicate our brand values, expertise and heritage in turbochargers and calibration technology.  The corporate video will undoubtedly help us to reach that goal.  Also, it will be easier for potential customers to identify how we differentiate ourselves from competitors.’’

For more than 35 years, Turbo Technics has led the field in turbocharger technology.  We are designers, engineers, manufacturers and drivers of innovation. Having the ultimate capability in the turbocharger aftermarket, we pride ourselves with our precision and professionalism.

You can watch the video here.